100 Bags of 10kg Tablet Water Softener Salt - NATIONWIDE PALLET DELIVERY

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1 pallet of 100 x 10kg bags of Tablet Salt 

Total weight 1000kg.

Grade A / food quality salt standard BS EN973

Pallet deliveries - please see below for pallet delivery information. 

Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery.

Why buy bulk?

Cheaper - Buying in bulk offers major savings compared to buying small quantities more regularly.

Greener - Buying (for example) a bulk pallet of 40 bags saves 5 vehicle journeys compared to buying 7 bag at a time. Less fuel, less CO2, less traffic congestion.

More convenient - Fewer deliveries means fewer orders, phone calls, fewer payments to make.

Avoid running out - There's nothing more frustrating than suffering hard water because we are not in your area for a week. Keeping plenty in stock means enjoying continuous soft water.


Pallets of Water Softener Salt are delivered as a one single unit, the delivery driver will do his best to get your delivery to a suitable place but under certain circumstances a kerb side delivery is the best we can offer.

You will be responsible for transferring the order to your storage area, the salt pallet will not be broken down and the pallet is yours to dispose of as you see fit.

Important information about access.

Your salt will arrive on a wooden pallet. The driver will lower this to the ground using the hydraulic tail-lift fitted to the vehicle, then use a hand operated pallet truck to move the pallet off the tail-lift platform and will follow your directions about where you want it. The driver is only able to deliver onto a flat, non-gravel surface.

Every delivery is different and the major factor is access restriction. Whilst every attempt will be made to get the pallet at least onto your property, we only guarantee that the delivery point will be to the kerb on the nearest accessible public road to your property. If there is an access issue for an 18 tonne truck on the highway leading to your property, either with weight, height or width, please let us know before you place your order.

Please note that no tracking details are available with pallet deliveries.